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Campaign Update: New Goals

We are excited to announce our goal of €4,000 has been achieved! We are thrilled to have reached our goal, as it will help enable us to become a fully realized non-profit. Not to rest on our accomplishments however, we are including new goals while the momentum is strong.

We want to add goals that we see as achievable and that will provide tangible improvements to our product. To this end, we are bumping up our campaign goal €6,500. If this is achieved, the Robo-Personality Initiative will be an early priority after incorporation.

One of the great things about coming into our own is our newfound ability to pursue lofty development goals. We’ve rediscovered some old proposals to give the Assistant its first, rudimentary version of a configurable personality. If you’ve been longing to threaten your Assistant with a reduction in its humor parameter, this is the stretch goal for you!

This initiative, the groundwork, would teach the Assistant how to choose between a funny response, a flippant response, a flattering response, and so forth, and how to vary these responses to reflect a nuanced personality. It will be up to skill developers and the community to equip the Assistant with things to say, but the same initiative will expand the community’s ability to help with that.

We don’t mean to hold features that even we want for ransom, so to be clear this feature will stay on our backlog if our goal is not met. Think of this as an initiative to get our butts in gear and fund our development ambitions. You can follow the development thus far on the Github page and chat with the developers on our Matrix chat.

If you want help form the future of voice powered AI, then consider donating at our GoFundMe page found here

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