OpenVoiceOS is a community-driven, open-source voice AI platform for creating custom voice-controlled ​interfaces across devices with NLP, a customizable UI, and a focus on privacy and security.

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Why Open Voice OS ?

Built on open-source software, OpenVoiceOS is designed to provide users with a seamless and intuitive voice interface for controlling their smart home devices, playing music, setting reminders, and much more.

Open Source is at the heart of the OpenVoiceOS project, its built around all the awesome work done by developers from various open source projects.

Whether you're a software developer, data scientist, or just someone with a passion for technology, you can get involved and help build the next generation of personal assistants and smart speakers that give you the freedom and control you deserve.


Powered by developers around the globe from various Linux and Foss communities, An open platform for developers interested in making cutting edge voice assistance technology available to everyone


Open Voice OS being a community platform is open to all developers and contributors wanting to support a specific device or a platform


Embedded headless device or single board computers with screens to build a do it yourself smart speaker, Open Voice OS is the open community playground for all platforms to come and experiment at


Have an experimental feature you want users to experience before landing them into any of the Linux based open source voice assistant projects upstream ? Open Voice OS is the platform to throw your ideas at !

The Core Team

We’re a small team maintaining multiple core technologies and projects within the domains of the Open Voice OS framework, Come and connect with us to know more about our work. 

Casimiro Ferreira

Code Wrangler / Maintainer OVOS Core

Aditya Mehra

Code Wrangler / Maintainer OVOS GUI

Daniel McKnight

Code Wrangler / Maintainer OVOS Core

Peter Steenbergen

Hardware Hacker / Maintainer OVOS Images

Parker Seaman

Community Manager / Developer Relations


Open Voice OS - Buildroot Edition

A minimalist Linux OS bringing the open source voice assistant Mycroft A.I. to embedded, low-spec headless and/or small touch friendly screen devices.

Open Voice OS - Manjaro Arch Edition

Based on rolling base distribution for development and prototyping, Nearly always ships the latest git master branches and packages that might be considered unstable

Supported Devices

  • Raspberry PI 3 (Including the Mark1) (Work In Progress)
  • Raspberry PI 4 - Mark 2 / Mark 2 Dev Kit / Respeaker
  • x86-64 (Work In Progress)

Supported peripherals / HAT's

  • ReSpeaker 2mic
  • ReSpeaker 4mic Array
  • ReSpeaker 4mic Linear Array
  • ReSpeaker 6mic Circular Array
  • RPI-Proto (Mark1 soundcard)
  • SJ-201 (Mark2 led/audio/microphone board)
  • PS3-Eye (USB microphone)
  • Google AIY-v1 / Chatterbox HAT