OpenVoiceOS now available on containers

Given that OpenVoice OS is a complex suite of software, running the micro-services via containers makes sense for better simplicity. A container provides an efficient way to run the platform’s various services with isolation and a microservice approach. By Read more

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Campaign Update: New Goals

gofundme update

We are excited to announce our goal of €4,000 has been achieved! We are thrilled to have reached our goal, as it will help enable us to become a fully realized non-profit. Not to rest on our accomplishments however, Read more

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Giving Voice to the Future: Support OpenVoiceOS in Establishing a Nonprofit association.

OpenVoiceOS (OVOS) is a collective of programmers and hardware enthusiasts who produce an open-source voice assistant. We formed in 2019-2020 as an offshoot of the Mycroft community, bringing a handful of third-party projects under one roof. One of those Read more

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