OpenVoiceOS – Buildroot Edition. A secure, robust, and easy-to-use embedded Operating System for your Smart Speaker & Voice Assistant devices.

The Buildroot edition of OpenVoiceOS is a custom embedded operating system created using Buildroot, a popular and efficient tool for generating embedded Linux systems. This means that OpenVoiceOS comes with all the benefits Buildroot brings, such as a small footprint, optimized performance, and up to date security fixes.

What really sets the Buildroot edition apart is its focus on providing a ready-to-use firmware for voice-enabled embedded devices. With the increasing popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers, there’s a growing demand for reliable and secure embedded systems that can integrate with voice technology.

OpenVoiceOS as a whole and the Buildroot edition specific, addresses this need, aiming to offer a stable firmware which is fully optimized for optimal performance on low power embedded devices.

This to create your own privacy respecting Smart Speaker & Voice Assistant. Smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular and feature-rich, and there are several features that are considered most important and widely used by users:

Voice Assistance: The most important feature of a smart speaker is the ability to use voice commands and questions such as voice-activated music playback, setting reminders, and answering questions. The Buildroot edition of OpenVoiceOS comes pre-installed with all the skills that you need to ask it these common questions such as “what will the weather be like today?”, “Set an alarm for 8 am tomorrow morning” or “Who is Elon Musk?” With the possible integration of ChatGPT as a fallback skill your OpenVoiceOS will always responds with something interesting to say.

Home Automation: Smart speakers are often used as a hub for controlling other smart devices, such as lights, locks, and thermostats. Home Assistant is a very popular and also FOSS system to control your IOT devices and is already supported. More IOT platforms will be supported in the future by our Common IOT integration framework.

Music & Video Streaming: Smart speakers often have built-in support for popular music (streaming) services. Youtube Music, Spotifyd, Airplay and even plain Bluetooth connectivity are included by default. OpenVoiceOS uses OCP (OpenVoiceOS Common Play) and is basically a full fledge multimedia player on its own designed around open standards like MPRIS which allows it be be controlled by external players and clients such as the Spotify App on your mobile device or KDEConnect.

Multi-room Audio: Many smart speakers support multi-room audio, allowing users to play music in multiple rooms of their home. As a work in progress OpenVoiceIOS comes pre-installed with Snapcast and ROC-Toolkit which in the near future will allow you to play your music fully synced between your OpenVoiceOS devices across your home or office.

Voice Calls: Although in early stages and on hold for a little bit because of other tasks. OpenVoiceOS has the option to make and receiving voice and video calls utilizing the VOIP technology.

In conclusion, OpenVoiceOS – The Buildroot edition is a cutting-edge, high performance yet small footprint embedded operating system that offers the benefits of Buildroot and is specifically designed for voice-enabled low power embedded devices to create your own Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant with all the most commonly used features you would expect in such device.

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